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How long is culinary school?

Being a potential chef, you want to educate yourself with proper training and education about culinary arts and that is why you decided to get enrolled in a culinary school. But how long will it take you to complete your culinary education and finally get you on your feet for being a professional chef?

Here in this article, our very own topic is how long is culinary school. But before that, let us have a quick overview of what a culinary school is?

What is a culinary school?

Culinary school is an institute where they teach you regarding cooking and culinary arts. Not only cooking but also baking, management and dealing. As the aim of culinary schools to prepare future chefs and get the professionals out of students, one of them has a chance of working infamous hotel kitchens and restaurants as well. Just like any other art school, they teach their students the art of culinary. One graduating from a culinary school has so much knowledge and confidence that they can start their own restaurant business as well.

How long is culinary school?

Now let us discuss the main topic of our article and, it is how long it takes to graduate from a culinary school. What is the period that is required to become a well-off chef and start a career?

So the answers to these questions lie in the idea of what program you are doing. The time period depends upon the type of program you are taking courses in.

Culinary schools offer diplomas and degree programs.


A diploma course in a culinary school is about less than a year or so. The purpose of the diploma is to make the students familiar with culinary art on a small scale. Like, diplomas are useful, but if you want a professional chef seat, you need to get a bachelor’s or master’s degree programs. After the diploma end, the culinary school gives you its certificate, and here you go, ready to step into the professional world in a tear.

  Degree programs:

The degree program has its certain levels. The time of completing these programs is under campuses. These levels include associate, bachelor, and master level degrees.

·        Associate level

The associate level is the intermediate level of degree you will perceive in a culinary school. This level is of two years in which you learn the basic level studies of culinary arts. In these two years, this level of degree determines your foundation and makes you familiar with the art of cooking and other courses. This level is basically like the final years of high school education.

·        Bachelor level

The Bachelor’s degree program is for four years. After getting your associate degree, you get yourself enrolled in a bachelor’s degree to have more grip on the arts you are learning. In these four years, you get to learn the roots of the basic courses you learned at the associate level and get even higher education on them and gain more in-depth knowledge. With assessments, assignments, and a one-year internship program at the end, a bachelor’s degree sets you up as a professional chef and boosts your confidence in the arts of culinary.

·        Masters level

The master level degree is the highest level degree of culinary arts. Of course, you can do courses after that too, but it determines your high end of education and your expertise level. This program is for two years in which you get to master one of the specific niches you want to continue your career. Whether it is chef, baker, managing, or anything else, you will be able to become the master of your profession after graduating with a master’s degree.

According to my point of view, you can get any program you want at their specific times. But I would recommend you to take at least a bachelor’s level degree so that you will prefer higher-level jobs too. Education, either it is science or arts, is important. The more you take it the more you learn and get confident. Do not try shortcuts. So, if you want a proper education and serious to approach culinary arts as your profession, then go get your bachelor, and master’s degrees to become a top-class chef.

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