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How to get into culinary school

You always wondered how to become a chef. Culinary schools all over the world strive to turn their students into master chefs. Here, you will learn how to cook, prepare and present the food. You also understand how to manage an entire restaurant.

Becoming a chef is not easy. You don’t just have to love food and cooking. You also have to focus on picking up the skills, knowledge, and stamina necessary to survive the constant hustle and bustle inside a kitchen.

Let’s just come to the reality just because you have a lot of passion and you are overly confident that you are the future‘s best chef doesn’t mean you will be accepted in culinary school. These institutes are professionals when it comes to enrolling the students. They keep some features in mind for a student to have. If one does not possess those features, then apologize you are not accepted.

While learning how to use specialized tools and equipment depends on the school, the other qualities only come with practice.

  • Creativity in making and presenting cuisine. Art is all about creativity.
  • Strong work ethics, because double shifts are normal. So a chef must know how to behave well.
  • Manual dexterity means despite any mess in the kitchen, one should know how to keep his sleeves clean.
  • Attention to details, because even one detail is missing and the customer is dissatisfied. Moreover, details are the beauty of culinary arts.
  • Time management, the skill of managing a bulk of orders and getting them prepared, requires proficient time managing skills. This skill is one of the factors any culinary school would prefer.
  • Organizing skills. You may not count it, but this skill specifies the discipline in a student, and his ability to organize all the ingredients, cooking utensils, time, and other stuff.
  • Good communication. How you behave with your teammates or other staff members, and not only to them, but you must also know how to communicate with your customers.
  • Ability to perform by oneself or self-sufficiency to see whether you can handle the situation by yourself or you need someone to depend upon.

Application criteria

Worldwide there is a special criterion for culinary schools, a bit different from universities offering the same degree programs.

1. High school diploma

2. Experience working as a professional in the kitchen (6 months to 1 year)

3. TOEFEL/IELTS to clear if you are foreigners.

4. Resume, specifying your objective and capabilities.

5. Recommendation from previous teachers

6. Some schools also conduct a series of tests before letting you in the institute.

7. Conduction of interview. That’s right; they conduct interviews to check how capable a student is to enroll in their campus. Many culinary schools hold interviews to check the confidence, passion, and communication skills of students. 

Know let me tell you, if you are serious and passionate about attending culinary schools, you will be able to clear all these criteria without any difficulty.

Best of Luck!

If you need some inspiaration here is a short clip of Gordan Ramsay’s career advice.