What are the key tools for a chef?

You want to start your career as a chef and not just a simple one but a professional and impressive one then this article is for you. As here, we will be discussing the tools for the chef and his culinary arts.

Just like an artist has certain tools to paint an amazing piece of art, so does a chef has.

Some of the most common tools a chef must own and have a grip of using them are:

  1. Knives
  2. Cutting board
  3. Stainless steel pot set
  4. Spoons and fork
  5. Spatula
  6. Whisk and blender and chopper set
  7. Mortar and pestle
  8. Ladle
  9. Frying pan and saucepan
  10. White plates
  11. Peppers
  12. Vegetable Peeler and cutter


The most important tool of a chef is its knife. You can say that a knife represents a chef and a chef considers it his most valuable asset. Just like a paintbrush is for a painter, the same is for chefs. It is like their motivation behind their career. It works as their superpower and makes them feel like a hero of their arts.

Cutting board

A painter needs a canvas to paint on. So does a chef. He needs something on which he can use his knife on. And that is where a cutting board comes. Either it is a plastic one or a wooden one, the cutting board is a very helpful tool. You have a lot of vegetables and meat to cut. It keeps the order.

Stainless steel pot set

Pots are a must to have in your kitchen as they are the definition of versatility. Dishes require different pots. Like, if you are cooking for two people, you will prefer a short one, not a large one. Moreover, the pots should be of stainless steel so they can be used for a longer time.

Spoons and fork

Spoons and fork are basics to have for a chef in his kitchen. For the tasting, for eating, you require these as a basic cutlery tool. Steel and wooden spoons, both are preferred. It’s better to get them in every size, large, medium, and small.


Another tool that determines a chef’s cooking skills is the spatula. You are making a dish then, of course, you need them while cooking. You cannot just leave your vegetables and meat to burn in oil without mixing them, can you?

Whisk and blender set

Whisk is a cooking utensil used to blend and mix eggs efficiently by hand. It is a manual tool but also a time saver. You don’t have time to blend your eggs in a blender, right.

And as for the blender and chopper set, it is a must to have tool for chefs. Why? Because they save time, manual strength and get things done faster. Whether you have onions and meat to chop or want your black pepper in powder form, you can use these electronic devices as required. You can get them separately or else a “food factory.”

Mortar and pestle

Mortar and pestle is a manual form of the blender. It is used to hammer the spices, peppers in small quantities.


The ladle is a steel spoon, a large one used to mix the ingredients in a pan or pot. It is used while cooking and is a very well-known utensil used by the pro chef. Ever seen those chefs making the ingredients fly in the air from a pan and making them go back in it with a ladle? So, basically ladle is the real gem while showcasing your talent.

Frying pan and saucepan

Frying pan and saucepan are the main utensils chefs use to cook their dishes. They will hold them by their handle and let their arm muscles pull all the artistic tricks and make the ingredients go crazy.

White plates

White plates are the basic tools for the chef. Where will you present your dish and where will you decorate the salad? of course, the white plates. White color has its beauty of signifying the qualities of a dish. So these are used for presentation.

Salt and Pepper

Salts and pepper works like adding fuel to fire. Every dish of a chef is incomplete without them.

Vegetable peeler and cutter

Peelers and cutters are also one of the common utensils found in a chef’s kitchen as they save time and also your fingers while cutting and peeling with a knife.

Here is a video of Gordon Ramsay’s kitchen kit.