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What is culinary school like?

What comes to your mind when you hear the word food? Food has always been a mode of expressing one’s culture, tradition, and taste. Culinary arts is a modern adaptation of food preparation, cooking, and presentation of food, usually in the form of unique nevertheless, delicious, and mouthwatering cuisines.

A cooking school is an organization educating candidates in the art and science of cooking and food preparation. There are many different types of cooking schools around the world, some devoted to training professional chefs while others train amateur enthusiasts, but like every school culinary institution have their pros and cons.

Here are some pros. You gain a lot of knowledge studying herbs, spices meat, fruits, and many more ingredients. You become an expert in time management. Your presentation is top-notch. Cooking is a great way to showcase your creativity by crafting new dishes, experimenting with new ingredients, and making unique recipes, you can also start a cooking business that may grow into a restaurant. Your kitchen experience can increase your rank as a chef, the more time you spend in the industry, earning a comfortable salary will be easier.

In America an average salary nationwide earned by an executive chef was $68,000 per year, increasing up to $77,000 per year in Los Angles and $82,000 per year in New York. Your work experience may help you land a job at a resort a hotel and much more. Last but not least you get to work with talented, passionate, and independent people side by side. Your seniors and fellow kitchen mates may inspire you into finding your true potential and bring out the best of your abilities in terms of food and presentation.

A chef’s job can be unstable at times and things can change in a blink of an eye. Many restaurants fail for a variety of reasons unrelated to food like unsupportive landlords, a bad business deal, and much more. Becoming a chef isn’t easy it is physically demanding. Dealing with knives, hot pans, stoves, and open flames isn’t new, you might even have scars to prove your years in the kitchen. Restaurant shifts are 10 to 12 hours long meaning you’ll be working day in and day out, on weekends, New Year’s, charismas Eve and on other holidays as well. Balancing your personal life with this career can be challenging. Starting salaries are low but spending time in the industry may increase your wage. New cooks are given less even at a high-end restaurant and may take years to make their way up.

After weighing the pros and cons it is difficult to conclude if culinary school is for everyone, it takes a certain level of dedication to get through culinary school. But, it is an opportunity that is not worth prescribing. If you’re an independent individual who values flexibility, freedom, self-recognition and can fully express yourself in terms of food then dive into the mystical world of food and art.

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